I know, I know, changing diapers are nasty. They are gross and inconceivable and questionable by all means. Like what came out of that kid??? What did he eat. Meanwhile you are the one contemplating seriously what did he eat. LMAO. Hilarious ain’t it.

Listen I get it, poops are nasty, the times when they pee in your face are gross but they are all so hilarious. I remember when I had to change the diaper on first born for the first few times. It was tough because she was so small and tiny. You had to be very very gentle. You also had to check their diaper in the middle of the night multiple times because they were crying so much. Longer than 15 minutes cause you were dead tired.

But you know what, it was all worth it. It was worth it because when you open that diaper, receive a big or little surprise, allright fine you take care of it. But at the same time, you are looking after one of God’s greatest Creations. A human baby that when fed, and changed and holding your finger after washing the poop. lol. was calm, quite and serene, you knew you did something right. You knew you just made the first accomplishment in parenthood. That’s what parenthood is about I find. Making little accomplishments to better yourself and your child.

The tougher part is when they get a bit older at 10 months and they can move around. A lot.

See you on the next poop adventure.